Why I Love Walter Presents

When I heard Channel 4 were launching a new VOD service showcasing original drama and comedy from around the world, I was excited.

I have always loved foreign language films, drama and comedy so this was right up my street. I can’t exactly remember or pinpoint how I discovered this, I just knew I was hooked.

I don’t know if it was because it was in a different language, that made it seem more interesting or because it was bringing the world to me, the places I haven’t been to (yet) or because they were an insight into things I wouldn’t experience myself. I mean who wants to experience dealing with serial killers?! Although running a bar in Kabul does sound fun!

I know other channels have featured world drama and comedy, but sometimes I miss these unless I hear about them in advance. The ones I have managed to catch and enjoy include The Bridge and The Killing on BBC Four, 30° in February and the hilarious, literally laugh out loud Dag on Sky Arts.

Kabul Kitchen

What I love about Walter Presents, is that the real life Walter…Walter Iuzzolino (co-founder and curator of Walter Presents) comes across as passionate and enthusiastic for his love of world drama. You know and believe that he has watched hundreds and hundreds (and hundreds!) of hours of television to handpick the best of the bunch for our viewing pleasure. He’s done all the hard work and has conveniently popped then on an online streaming service, which means I can watch whenever I want without missing an episode and I know whatever I watch is going to be good. What’s not to love about Walter?!

Walter’s choice is spot on and it means I know I am watching high quality drama, rather than watching something only to discover its rubbish half way in. From his collection, I have watched Deutschland 83 (Germany), Pure Evil (Argentina), Thicker than Water (Sweden), Locked Up (Spain) and Kabul Kitchen (France). I would have liked to have got through more than I have, but I am still working on it.

Thanks Walter and I look forward to the next instalment!

Catch the Walter Presents collection here: http://www.channel4.com/programmes/walter-presents


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  1. Kabul Kitchen is just brilliant (as is Dåg). Deutschland 83 was excellent too.

    Check out Spin and Beauty and the Baker. In that order!

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