Smoother Than a Baby’s Bottom

I can’t remember exactly when I first became aware of Sudocrem because it feels like it has always been there, like a familiar friend in the bathroom cabinet. It’s a firm family favourite in our house. It’s just keeping hold of it which is the problem.

I once had a giant tub of Sudocrem but sadly my mother claimed it. She decided it would be ok to pop it onto my nephew’s bottom after cleaning and changing his nappy…without asking. The Sudocrem I use for my face. Don’t get me wrong, I love and adore my nephew but after my mother started using my Sudocrem on his bum I didn’t want to put the same cream on my face.

 So I brought another one and hid it.

The reason I love Sudocrem is that it works. Multi-purpose and versatile, it’s like a heavy duty moisturising wonder cream suitable for all. Perfect for when my skin needs some extra love, some extra TLC. I especially like it in the winter months, when I get dry patches on my face and the dry bits under my nose when I get a cold. Sudocrem works and banishes dry spots wherever they are, instantly. It’s also great for actual spots, the annoying, angry red ones that don’t want to shift. Whenever I get a random outbreak, I cover my face with a thin layer and almost immediately the redness subsides.

I particularly like using Sudocrem as a night cream because it gives my skin the chance to absorb the cream. I wash my face and put it on, it’s that simple. In the early days I believed more was better but I wouldn’t recommend it otherwise you’ll look like you painted your face white like I did. You don’t need that much and little really does go a long way. The following morning after a Sudocrem night, my skin always feels silky soft and smooth…every time.

Sudocrem now have a travel size 30g tube, so you can take it with you when on you’re on the move. The convenient style tube makes it easy to squeeze out a small amount, which is enough to cover the entire face and it means you’re not wasting any excess cream. The 30g tube is light to carry and you don’t feel the weight of it in your bag. At £2.09, it is affordable and readily available at all major retailers and pharmacies.

 For more information on the Sudocrem Skin Care range, take a look at or follow on Twitter @sudocremtube for the latest news.


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