Drinking on Vie Recovery Patches

Colourful cocktails, classic champagne, strong spirits or boozy beers…I do like a drink now and again. So when I came across the Vie Recovery Patches I was eager to try them.

These clever little patches are designed to help your body break down alcohol. Created using essential herbs, vitamins and minerals, the Vie Recovery Patches are 100% natural.

To use these, you apply a patch to a clean, dry and hairless area of your skin before your first drink. It is recommended to keep the patch on for 24 hours to enjoy the benefits. To remove the patch, you simply wet it and peel off.

Traditionally I am what you would call a lightweight. I usually tend to feel the effects of alcohol quickly so I try not to drink too much but it depends on where I am and who I am with…and if I have lined my stomach before a night out. Either way, my hangovers tend to be bad.

I decided to try a Vie Recovery Patch when I knew I had a meeting and that we would be consuming alcohol. So I applied a patch as instructed and headed out, prepared to drink.

Through the course of about 3 hours, I drank 4 large glasses of prosecco. Normally, I feel tipsy by glass 2. So for me, by glass 4 I would be feeling worst for wear. However as I headed home, I didn’t feel as drunk as I thought I would. So far, so good. I was curious to see how I would feel in the morning because ordinarily I know I would feel rough after drinking that amount of prosecco. Especially since on this particular day, I had only eaten a small and light lunch.

I have to say I woke up feeling fresh, which never happens to me! I didn’t have a headache or that heavy head feeling that lasts all day. I was impressed!

Although I know the Vie Recovery Patch doesn’t stop you getting drunk and that the results vary from person to person, for me it worked. I was pleasantly surprised. I like the Vie Recovery Patches and would recommend trying them.

Each pack comes with 6 Vie Recovery Patches and retails £4.95. They are available to buy online now from www.vie-healthcare.com


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