Hair Today More Tomorrow® Skin Rejuvenating Cream

Hair Today More Tomorrow® is the first and only hair growth company with a 5-Step Hair Growth Support System™. The company was started by Sara G. Allison, a registered nurse and a world leading Harley Street trichologist who was inspired to create high quality products for healthy hair and skin.

Although I will be covering hair loss in a later post, for this one I will be writing about the Hair Today More Tomorrow® skin rejuvenating cream.

Using organic essential oils and a special rose otto formula, the anti-aging cream is ideal for all skin types including sensitive and problem skin. It promises to deeply moisturise the skin and deliver a smother and more radiant complexion.

I’ve had problem skin on and off for as long as I can remember and I have been obsessed with anti-aging for just as long. So I was keen to try this.

The cream comes in a stylish purple container and at first glance, it does seem like a small pot of cream. I initially made the mistake of putting too much on my face but soon realised there was no need to put so much of it on my face. A small amount goes a long way so it lasts longer.

The smell is gorgeous, the rose is subtle and the essential oils blend give it a refreshing and uplifting aroma. The consistency is non sticky and it easily absorbs into the skin, leaving it soft to touch and smooth.

It is recommended to use the cream for at least 28 days as that’s how long it takes the skin to turnover. Saying that, I noticed a difference straight away. I had a stubborn spot that has been refusing to shift and every day since using the skin rejuvenating cream, it has got noticeably smaller and looks like it might finally go for good. I also have rosacea and I found the cream has reduced the redness. In addition, when using the cream my skin does feel instantly moisturised and stays moisturised throughout the day and night. I literally wake up with moisturised skin without feeling greasy.

Although it hasn’t been 28 days for me yet, I am impressed with the results so far and I can already see positive changes in my skin. I don’t know if I look younger yet but like I said it hasn’t been 28 days yet, but I do know my skin looks clearer and brighter…and this makes me happy!

The Hair Today More Tomorrow® Skin Rejuvenating Cream retails at £29.90, reduced from £47 and can be purchased here: or follow on Twitter @htmt_hairloss



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