Bath Paradise

We’ve all been there…You know, had those days where we’re mentally and physically exhausted. Those days where we can’t think straight and our bodies feel broken. Well, I had one of those on Thursday after a super busy day of working, travelling and socialising. I literally was ready to drop.

I thought to myself if ever I needed a bath to relax, this was it.

Recently I had been given Olverum Bath Oil from the lovely Amanda (thank you!) and this was the perfect opportunity to try it.

Originally created in 1931 by Franz Otto Klein, a wine merchant from Germany the Olverum Bath Oil was produced after two years of research and experimentation. It consists of a highly concentrated and unique blend of 10 essential oils (Eucalyptus, Lavender, Juniper, Lavandin, Lemon Peel, Siberian Fir Needle, Exotic Verbena, Lime, Geranium and Rosemary). Each of these have been selected for their individual therapeutic properties as well as the way in which they work well together. It is free from artificial colours and preservatives, and it not tested on animals.

It has recently been relaunched under British ownership but the formula remains largely unchanged since 1931. To be around for that many years and to be still going strong is impressive and by default, surely it’s going to be a good quality product to be able to last that long?

The easy answer is it is.

The contemporary design of the packaging compliments the clean and classic design of the bottle. It has a real unisex feel to it, which wouldn’t feel out of place in any bathroom.

I ran the bath and poured a cap full of the oil into it.

Immediately the smell hits you. The aroma is beautiful, it fills the whole bathroom and you can’t help but like it. It’s uplifting and is so satisfying to smell, I can’t explain it but it is so good. Mr Cook (the other half) came in when the bath was running, drawn in by the aroma lingering in the air and even he loved it.

Once I got into the bath, I instantly felt calm and peaceful. My mental and physical aches, pains and stresses of the day literally melted away. Olverum Bath Oil turned my normal bath into a luxurious and indulgent one. It was pure pleasure and I felt like I had been tranquilized with a beautiful shot of bliss. It was so soothing and relaxing, I could have slept in it. I have never had a bath that I loved this much as I did this one. Trust me on this, it was that good!

The blend of oils absorbed into my skin and made my skin feel super soft and moisturised, without feeling oily. In addition, no oily residue was left in the bath.

I came out of the bath feeling happier and serene. I can’t tell you how much I loved the way Olverum bath oil made me feel. It is fantastic and is like stepping into bath paradise. I loved it and can’t recommend it enough. Buy it because I can guarantee you will love it too.

The Olverum Bath Oil is available in two sizes, 125ml (25 baths) at £26 and 200ml (40 baths) at £48.

To find out more and to buy it, please visit or follow on Twitter @Olverum


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