SEO, content marketing, keywords…sounds complicated doesn’t it? I have to admit although I understand it and how important it is when it comes to online marketing, I’m not a tech head and sometimes I need a helping hand.

When I was invited to try out StoryBase, I was curious but initially reluctant. Reluctant because since I started MediaBitch™, I’ve been approached to sign up to various services that promise to make my working life easier…only to discover they don’t deliver on what they say they will.

Despite my apprehension, I figured I would give it go. It didn’t seem fair to judge StoryBase on my previous (bad) experiences.

I’m happy I did.

So what is it?

StoryBase is a new keyword research and content idea generation tool, which means it can help you create relevant content. It is a clever tool that shows you which words, phrases and questions are most frequently searched for using data from the most used and popular websites. This in turn, helps you pick keywords and related words when planning for content marketing and to boost SEO. You can also exclude words which reduces search results giving you more targeted keywords. The audience insights are really useful too as it shows what words are being searched for by each gender and age demographic, revealing how people are searching for things online. So you can further target the group you’re aiming at.

I really like the way it can be used for creative digital brainstorming too, because as they say you “can create copy that is more relevant and shareable to your readers”.

It is easy to navigate and understand. I almost felt like that because it was straightforward and I was able to get it immediately, that I was doing it wrong. I was expecting it to be more complicated than it was and I was surprised that it wasn’t.

Three years were spent developing and creating StoryBase, so it now has now has more than 5 billion long-tail keywords, 100 million question keywords, and 2 billion related LSI keywords. It’s impressive! It makes my life easier when creating content, as well as saving time and most importantly, it actually works.

To find out more about StoryBase, take a look at


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